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What we do

R-Kimedia is a global network of dedicated professionals providing creative and technology services to selected clients.

Our Services

Our services vary per client from global digital strategies, digital marketing, brand development and capability assessment. Each assignment is tailored to specific client needs rather than being driven by company capabilities. Digital Marketing is changing at such a pace that it is essential to stay abreast of developments and make sure you have the adequate strategies in place. The following are just a number of the services we offer.




Contact Us

For any new business enquiries or to find out more please feel free to message us at

If you are interested in freelance opportunities in either our design or technical teams please email outlining your skill set and experience and a link to your personal portfolio site.

R-KIMEDIA believes in employing the right people regardless of their geographical location, do contact us even if you are not located in the UK.

We will aim to respond to your enquiry in 2 working days.